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Regeneration Schemes

IKEA homes

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Swedish housing company BoKlok has proposed a new community of 112 sustainable homes. BoKlok is a partnership between IKEA and Skanska which is known for its flat-pack timber houses – a modern, high-quality version of the 'pre-fab'.

The development is earmarked on land adjacent to The Littlehampton Academy on Fitzalan Road, that will be landscaped to connect to Rosemead Park. Access will be provided from the newly extended Fitzalan Road, with pedestrian and cyclist access also available on Elm Grove Road.

The developer is committed to creating affordable housing, in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way. Its materials and technology produce less than half the carbon compared to traditionally built houses and will provide on-site electric vehicle charging points. The 112 dwellings will be a mixture of one- and two-bedroom apartments, and two- and three-bedrooms houses, sited within beautifully landscaped open space, with a Green Heart at its centre.


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