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Regeneration Schemes

Seafront design scheme

Vibrant new concept designs have been created which give a flavour of how parts of Littlehampton will look in the future. The illustrations show aspirations for the Seafront Greens and promenade, alongside areas which link the town, riverside and seafront parts of the town.

The dramatic artist’s impressions are a result of public consultation carried out in the spring to discover how residents would like to see Littlehampton transformed. This second phase of the design project, which was funded by a Coastal Revival grant, followed on from work already undertaken in the town centre.

The conceptual proposals have been developed by LDA Design; Landscape Architects previously appointed to work with the Council to deliver the award-winning East Bank scheme and the design plans for Littlehampton town centre.

In 2021, Arun District Council submitted this project as part of a bid for Levelling-Up Funding available by Government. The Council was successful in its bid (October 2021) and was awarded £19.4 million to deliver the scheme alongside the rebuild of Alexandra Theatre in nearby Bognor Regis.

“A lot of work went into researching and preparing the bid document for this Levelling Up Fund and I am delighted to see that work bear fruit. The improvements that will be made to Bognor Regis and Littlehampton will benefit residents across the district with increased visitor numbers and investment in business.

Cllr Andy Cooper, Chair of the Economy Committee


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