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Regeneration Schemes

North Littlehampton Masterplan

North Littlehampton Strategic Site was allocated as part of the Adopted Local Plan.

North Littlehampton Strategic Site was allocated as part of the Adopted Local Plan. This will see the area of Toddington expand to accommodate:

  • 1,260 new homes as part of the ‘Hampton Park’ development made up of eight distinct character areas;

  • 13,000 sq m of new employment space;

  • 3,500 sq m of local facilities;

  • A100-bedroom hotel;

  • Care home;

  • Primary school;

  • Community centre

  • Youth and leisure facilities;

  • Combined heat and power plant, extension to household recycling centre;

  • Additional allotments;

  • New informal open space.

North Littlehampton Masterplan promises a major housing development in North Littlehampton. The enlargement of Littlehampton northwards is supported by large scale transport infrastructure improvements. A new bus service will serve the area, Toddington Lane level crossing will close with the formation of new Lyminster Bypass, and improvements to A259 to create a dual carriageway.

Around 1,200 new homes and a new bypass are being built on a committed strategic site in Toddington, north Littlehampton. A strategic site north of the railway line and has been named ‘Hampton Park’ on land identified within Arun to accommodate major housing developments within the Local Plan.

The development is well underway, and Hampton Park will be key to supporting the regeneration of Littlehampton and the economic growth area with vehicle access will be created from the A259, bridging over the railway line, with additional access from Mill Lane and Toddington Lane.

Financial contributions have been secured for local infrastructure improvements to the town, including a community hub including employment floor space, a new community centre, new healthcare facilities, youth and leisure facilities, a recycling centre, public open space, including a central wetlands area, and children’s play areas. A new hotel and a care home are also included.


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