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Regeneration Schemes

River Arun cycle path

Arun District Council are proposing to create a leisure route between Arundel and Littlehampton along the River Arun. The route would be approximately 9km long for recreational cyclists and walkers to enjoy peaceful walks along the beautiful riverbank, with views of the surrounding countryside. Government is encouraging cycling as a way to cut congestion on our roads, improve the health of society, reduce carbon emissions and expand accessibility options, so having the infrastructure in place would bring many benefits.

The cost range to deliver the project is estimated between £9.8m and £15.8m for the main route and a further £1.4m for various connecting elements. Recent feasibility studies have concluded that installing a new cycle path would be viable. The proposed route would be a shared use path connecting Arundel and Littlehampton, passing through and improving access to the historic countryside and attractions near the River Arun. The existing route is currently an unmade footpath that follows the alignment of the river, passing under two A roads and the West Coastway railway line. This unmade footpath connects to existing footways in Arundel and Littlehampton. Existing cycling infrastructure in is predominately on low traffic streets. The proposed route would connect with the existing network and fill in any gaps to create a seamless journey between the river and the town centres. A link would also strengthen our tourism lead economy and be an asset for the local community to enjoy.


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