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Aerial view of Littlehampton

New roads being built
New homes and infrastructure
Town centre redesigns
Stunning seafront project to come

Superb leisure facilities
Beautifully redeveloped harbour
Huge potential for business

Littlehampton's huge potential is fast being realised. Its biggest asset being its coastal location beside the river Arun, and with South Downs National Park only three miles north it is surrounded by natural beauty. It is also within commuting distance of London, and forms the western boundary of the Brighton conurbation. The town’s unique identity and geographical advantages make Littlehampton a fantastic place to live, visit and do business. Huge regeneration schemes have had a transformational effect on the town. All this investment has put Littlehampton into the headlines as a place full of life that has steadily attracted new audiences. The area's population is expanding with many new housing developments offering excellent growth potential for businesses looking to expand.

Target Five logo

Target Five, Property Consultants

We have been investing Littlehampton properties for a couple of years now, why? Regeneration, Regeneration, Regeneration!

The Guardian logo

The Guardian

Here and there, arrivals from the era of regeneration and seaside gentrification (Littlehampton has never quite become the new Margate), designed by assorted young and star architects. It makes for bizarre juxtapositions, surreal even. Littlehampton is a curious place. But all the better for it.

LDA Design logo

LDA Design, Architects

Littlehampton’s transformed East Bank waterfront is a powerful argument for how an urgent need for new infrastructure can – and should – lead to better places to live, work and visit, if only we see the bigger picture.


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